Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Moses-Akhenaton connection

Much speculation has been made of the connections between moses, and the pharaoh akhenaton. Some even believe them to be one and the same. Both figures have their own respective mysteries attached to them and both are mainstays of the increasingly popular ancient astronaut theory. Let's check out some of the connections.
Both Moses and Akhenaton are generally referred to as monotheist who brought their beliefs to their followers. Monotheism however, may not be the best term for their beliefs. Although controversial, some researchers are coming around to the henotheistic language found in the bible. There is, in my opinion, reason to suspect monolatry, or even Kathenotheism. (but I digress) What peaks the curiosity is the similarities in the myths related to their visionary experiences leading to the revelation of single god of worship.

Moses, according to the Bible, was raised in Egypt after being found floating in the river. He was taught the language and religion of the Egyptians his entire young life.

Some "crazy conspiracy theorists" believe that Moses' monotheism is an extension of Atenism. This view is supported by the idea found in some hieroglyphics that Aten was not a mere sun god but a universal entity who cannot be represented in language. However, the accepted biblical time line doesn't allow this to fit unless Atenism was an underground religion, an idea which may not have existed in Egypt.

Trying to understand any biblical figure in an historical context is problematic as many believe Moses never existed as an historical figure. If he did Egyptian records don't reflect his presence and certainly not a confrontation with the pharaoh as found in the bible.